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The Fall Graphic Novel
“Interview with the Devil”

THE FALL: Q & A Fallen Angel Tell The Story Of Satan's Fall  is an existential graphic novel about Satan’s fall from power told from the Devil’s perspective.

This is the struggle for power unlike any other, and yet it will feel so personally familiar to the reader that it cannot help but be seen as the story of each and every one of us.



Graphic novel "The Fall" official website
Graphic novel "Boneme" official website
Graphic novel "Beauty & the Beast" official website
110 pages
Psych ward evaluation of man claiming to be the devil.
102 pages
Boy meets girl. Boy kills girl.
178 pages
Life kills everyone.
THE FALL - A young man walking naked on the streets is picked up by the police. The unknown man has no identification. When questioned, he claims to be Satan. Put under observation and interviewed, this is his story.
BONEME - A poor joyless boy is determined to experience something called happiness, especially romantic happiness, before he dies.
BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Surprising total reinvention of the classic, Joy Rip spins a haunting graphic tale ripped from the seamy side of the art world and its players.
Graphic novel "Girl With Camera" official website
Graphic novel "Art Bum" official website
Graphic novel "Happy Ending" official website
300 pages
Girl goes missing.
510 pages
Everyone dies.
528 pages
Grow up!
GIRL WITH CAMERA - Haunting, disturbing story about the last one hundred pictures found on the camera of a missing girl.
ART BUM - Ghostly story of one desperate artist's graphic blueprint for dying with the illusion of grace.
HAPPY ENDING - Story of a girl named Hope, a young runaway, roped into a life of prostitution.


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"Too Tired To Sleep" Ghostly Existential Tales

"The reality of consciousness is captured best as a ghost story. An endless ghost story. Consciousness is a veil. We are all haunted by an absence of presence... Conscious reality is never fleshed out to its full depth. Everyone is a silhouette accented by shadows. Everything is unsatisfyingly fragmented, fleeting, shallow. Everything is a partial truth at best. Everyone is a great unknown. Nothing is truly substantial in our knowledge of ourselves and one another. We sleep, glide through life. Dreaming we are awake. We are ghosts."

~ Joy Rip (author and artist)




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