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Rising or falling star?
Fire From Heaven
"The story of power becoming pain."
Fire From Hell
"The story of pain becoming power."
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Author Q
"Every man is a religion onto himself... forever proselytizing others to trust him... and believe that what's good for him is what's good for them." — Q
"GIRL WITH CAMERA: A Ghost Story." Graphic novel by Joy Rip. 300 pages.
Subtitle: "A Ghost Story" by Joy Rip
Interview with the Devil
"I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven." Luke 10.18
THE FALL: Q & A Fallen Angel Tell The Story Of Satan's Fall
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Unofficial Church of Satan's Unauthorized Satanic Bible

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"THE FALL" is now in paperback from with thirteen unrevealed bonus pages. Free online graphic novel is 97 pages. The paperback is 110 pages. Bonus pages are eye-opening; invaluable in the light they shed on the rest of the graphic novel.

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Free graphic novel "THE FALL" by author/interviewer Q takes the form of a Q&A with a fallen angel named A, who may be Archangel Lucifer or Satan himself. The book asks "Why did Satan Fall?" and answers from Satan's point of view. Hear why Satan fell from The Devil's own mouth. See why God fell from archangel Lucifer's point of view in this dark comic book about Lucifer and his angels' failed rebellion against the Almighty. Why rebel? "Better to rule in hell than serve in heaven." See the greatest themes of John Milton's "Paradise Lost" in this very short, down-to-earth, 97-page graphic novel. Paperback is 110 pages. This original comic is not a John Milton Paradise Lost summary review synopsis.
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Reviewer Grady Harp (LA, CA) Amazon's Top Reviewer of the arts reviews paperback edition of THE FALL.
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"This is a remarkable achievement, quite likely to gather strong responses from the reader. ... the words and images are meant to challenge. And they do!"
Unofficial Church of Satan's Unauthorized Satanic Bible
NOTE: The pungent ™ (sub) headline for this free online graphic novel is for amusement purposes only. If it freightened or put off anyone, it was meant only as a humorous comment on the tyranical/sheepish nature of any organized religion or anti-religion... and how all organizations can ultimately be reduced to pecking orders of power that always wind up chaneling money to the powerful. The "Official Church of Satan" tangentially acknowledges this on their website by reminding its paying members (a one time charge of $200) that it is not a lonely hearts club for outcasts or a costume party for "sheep in wolves clothing." That said, the author of THE FALL is not a member of their organization. He does, however, support their existence as a general principle because he supports more competition (for money and power) for all established institutions, religious or not. This author trusts no one... not even himself. And that's why we trust him.
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THE FALL is now in paperback from with unrevealed bonus pages
Please note - Free online graphic novel is 97 pages. The paperback is 110 pages.
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