Back cover of the paperback edition of the graphic novel "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Fantastic Deep Space Romances with the Stars of Art Nihilism" by Joy Rip
The author grew up in Buffalo, New York. Left for California to study filmmaking. Went on to Alaska and NYC... Many years later returning home to take care of an aging mother after the father died.
At the age of 5, the author was left for over a year in the paid care of the child's Godfather. Being poor and living in cramped conditions, the child slept in the same bed as the Godfather. Angered by the child's bed-wetting, which soiled the Godfather and woke him up each night, the man began a routine nightly ritual of snapping the bedroom lights on, ripping the covers off the sleeping child, and looming over the child with a large kitchen knife, threatening castration, mutilation, cannibalism, if the bed-wetting continued. The child wound up in a hospital, paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors could not figure out the cause of the paralysis. But, eventually, the child regained the power to walk. The author continues to this day to regain the power to walk through art.

Author 1: "I've heard of you. You're that writer who actually puts a short history of his life in his bio rather than a list of noteworthy credentials, awards and achievements."

Author 2: "Only because my achievement is that I'm still alive. This alone is more memorable than any other credential I have to make an impression on you.

"After all, you have heard of me."

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